Where to buy Office Supplies and Office furniture in Ireland.

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We all want to shop smarter these days, every cent counts as we struggle through the recession. And it should be no different when looking for your office supplies, be it an Ink cartridge a pencil or a new corner desk for your office.

Most company employees cost on average €250 per year on basic office supplies, pens, A4 paper, post-it notes, paper clips and so on. So if you have 10 employees that’s €2500 a year spend on Office supplies.

At Office1web we have always been conscious of keeping cost down as much as possible for our customers. We do this by keeping our own costs at a minimum; hence we are an Internet business. We price compare daily 2500 commonly bought office products against our competitors and we are consistently cheaper on all of them. If our competition drops prices we follow suit by demanding better prices from our office suppliers, office furniture suppliers and in turn passing these savings onto you the consumer.

We constantly look for better pricing from suppliers, not to improve our own bottom line but to become the best priced Office supplies company both here in Ireland and in the UK.

By selling into the UK it allows us to create more buying power with our suppliers and thus lowering the price on both sides of the water. Most companies like the “V’s” of this world do this in reverse starting out in the UK as a UK company and then selling into Ireland but us been an Irish Office supplies company we want to take on the world and we are achieving it, with a growing customer base of 10,000 customers in 2 years we are on course for world domination. We are doing it right and at the right price.

So if its Office supplies Ireland or Office Furniture Ireland you are looking for then give our store a whirl you won’t be disappointed. We love office stuff but even more we love Happy Customers.

Love your office, we do.

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